Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Apple overload

I've heard other people talk about their abundance of apples this year.  We really have a lot on our trees, must be a good year all around for apples.  We have never done a thing to our trees...No spraying or trimming and they still produced like crazy.  Of course they don't look like the ones you buy in the store!  But the ones I've been picking up higher on the trees are pretty nice looking and some are huge. 

I decided to get cider made this year with just a fraction of the apples.  For the cider I picked from our Yellow Delicious trees.  It is so good, I can't stop drinking the stuff!  A friend has a press and we took 8ish bushels of apples and we got 26 gallons from it.  We have lots in the freezer and I gave away 5 gallons before I even got home from picking up the cider!  The boys got to see how it was made and he let Adam help too.  I'm considering taking another load over later this fall.  I also want to make my sauce with our apples this year.  I am excited to put these apples to use.  The ones that fall are bruised and buggy, but there are still plenty of good ones still hanging.  Rod taught me how to use the man-lift, so I can get up pretty high. 
Our cider, minus the 5 gallon that disappeared as a result of running into family before getting home :)
I'm thankful for this idea.  Other years we've left the apples 'go', unsure of what to do with them and where to begin.  It's always a blessing to make full use of the things we've been given/entrusted with.

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