Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pumpkin field

Sunday after church we took advantage of the pumpkin field in our front yard.  Rod knew our Amish neighbor was going to be picking them the next day, so he decided to do a photo shoot with the boys before they took them away.

The pics don't do this justice.  The pumpkins are so huge, some reaching 200 pounds.  

I like Rod's style of picture taking.  He used walkie talkies to tell the boys where to go, since he was far away in some of the pics.  (the boys are all in this picture)

The Amish even rented bees to help pollinate.  He might not have needed to because our bees are very close to this field, but i'd say it worked!  There were so many.

And Monday they did come and got a couple wagon loads full.  It's still full of pumpkins!  So far he let us pick 4 pumpkins to keep for ourselves.  Hoping he tells us to "glean" soon :)  

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