Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I know, the T-giving post is getting old, time to update!

The month started out with my grandfather doing very poorly.  He continued to go downhill and died on Saturday, the 6th.  All of his children (4) were in the room when he died.  Today was his funeral.  He was such a caring man.  Never met anyone kinder then my Grandpa.  But he was 93 and more then ready to be with Jesus.  I now have 2 grandmothers left here, without their husbands.   My aunt took this picture of Grandma holding Grandpa's hand during his last moments.  They were married for 72 years.

This is a picture of me and my brother with Grandpa at his grocery store in Spring Garden, right before he sold the business.  i was somewhere around 9 or 10 i think.  (I know you like my penguin shirt.)

I've been to 4 viewings and/or funerals since July!  2 were expected deaths, old age and ready to go.  2 were not.  They all represented loss and sadness for their loved ones.  It's hard enough to accept it as Christians, knowing they are in a better place.  I can't imagine having to cope WITHOUT that hope and knowledge of Jesus.  I feel for people who grieve death of loved ones without that hope.  It makes me want to be more bold in sharing my faith.

And life keeps going on.  The boys are gearing up for their quartet performance on Friday.  I am just ready to have it over!  I think they are prepared as they are going to be.  I cannot control how they will respond with being up on stage with 400 sets of eyes watching them, but i pray they can somehow have a peace and confidence in what they are there to do, and can do it as well as they do it here!

Today the boys and i took groceries to the nearby food bank to donate.  This is our 6th year of doing this and it's my favorite Christmas tradition with the boys.  We give them to the same lady in charge every year and she's so sweet and makes them feel like a million bucks for this act of service.  She always sends us a follow up letter and it makes them feel so good.  And the candy cane they get in return is a highlight for them too :)  It's also a chance to patronize our local country market where we get the groceries.  They each grab a basket and fill it up with canned goods, cereals, and other staples.

The boys have been working on a Frosty puzzle this month and finished it today!  It was 550 pieces and thankfully, they were all there.  The puzzle was given to us used, so i wasn't sure if all the pieces would be there.  Rod helped with the border, other then that, it was their project.

We'd like to try making these snowflakes...just need to get some popcicle sticks.  They can paint them once finished, i thought they looked cute and i *think* they can pull it off.  

Mommy had some fun with Christmas lights this year.  By 'fun' i mean my fingers froze multiple times and i had to go inside to thaw them out.  I do like the finished product though. 

I tell people with me homeschooing part-time AND sending them to school part-time i have the busyness of both worlds.  Obviously homeschooling is busy but so is carpooling, field trips, meetings, etc that an at-campus school brings.  This time of year is proving to be full.  But it's also a priveledge to have my guys home more, and to also enjoy the Christmas functions that their school offers.  Friday, we get to see the Nutcracker at the Fulton Opera house for a field trip.  I am looking forward to that.

We will certainly miss this family!  They've been staying with us for the past 5ish weeks and are heading back to Guatemela where they serve as directors at an orphanage with over 50 kids.  They are making a big difference in each of their lives.  Really love what they are doing down there. 

A blessed Christmas season to you!!  

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Dennis Freed said...

Sherry, just reading back over your posts. Appreciate your approach to "being a mom" and your openness and honesty in what your share here (on all the posts).

Our family was so blessed to be able to be there in Nov/early Dec. Many great memories, and a wonderful place to call home.

And hope your facial rash improves quickly!!