Tuesday, December 16, 2014

eventful weekend

This momma will never forget this past weekend.  The boys did their lip sing quartet performance Friday night, and since it was held at a resort and we happened to have a gift certificate for the place, we stayed Friday afternoon-Saturday noon at the resort.  It worked out so nice to get ready in the motel and come downstairs for the event.  We could even see the banquet area from our room, so we watched as they set up the tables and as people arrived.  I think it helped the boys feel more comfortable being there.
There were 400 guests.  Talk about nerve wracking (for me!)

They made me so proud.  They worked on the song since October, and they made a big effort when their time came.  Clay looked a little lost, but that's because he always goofed off when we practiced at home, i don't think he even knew what he was supposed to do when it came down to it!  But i was so pleased with it and they had fun which was an answer to prayer.  They each got $20 too, which was unnecessary!  but they told us up front they would be getting paid.  Ben said "i'd do that for free".  He's too much.

Eating dessert after their performance

This pic was more for Rod and I's entertainment, a pic of the boys with the MC for the evening, Dick Hoxworth.

Something i wasn't even aware of, was the incredible indoor pool playground they had!  The water temp was perfect and they had the place to themselves parts of the time.

The whole experience was such a blessing and very unique! a wonderful memory for everyone.

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