Monday, December 1, 2014

turkey day

The Thanksgiving 5K run was still a go, in spite of the snow the day before!  i was glad they didn't cancel, since Adam had trained for it.  I was so proud of him, i know the last half was hard, but he kept going.  If you ask him if he'd do it again he will say no, but i'm hoping he'll want to do it again sometime!  Our time was somewhere around 30:25.  So good for his age....says his mom :)

After the run, we went to mom's for Thanksgiving dinner and Adam's belated bday party.  It was also my brother's birthay that day.
A friend of ours made his skateboard cake.

We had a nice time together and didn't get home until around 10:00.  we were exhausted!  We did NOT do any shopping on black friday and didn't have much else planned for Thanksgiving break.  It's nice to have some down time before a busy Christmas season.   The boys had off school today yet, before they get back into the swing of things.

P.S.  Happy Anniversary to Rod and i!!

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