Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The last couple weeks have gone by quickly.  With nothing big on the schedule it left room for a lot of whatever we felt like doing. 
Montana family was in town, they hadn't come in the summer for a couple years, so it was fun to do campfires and outdoorsy things with them again. 

The animals are a handful right now.  Chickens, turkeys, and bunnies everywhere.  A couple more weeks and it's time to butcher the chickens.  

The turkeys are growing, but still looking very much like the chickens

Our new batch of bunnies.  Finally have a litter that didn't die.  We've been having issues with the mommas this summer, not caring for them.  

I love this picture of Clay with our Amish neighbors. He likes to chat with them :)

Our popcorn is so tall this year!  The boys each have a little patch. 

I spotted our first watermelon, i haven't ever grown watermelon before but i had room where the spinach and cabbage were and wanted to give it a try.  Can't wait to see what happens, i hear it's a hard thing to grow. 

We have some barn construction going on right now.  It will look a lot different, more open and new concrete flooring.  We want to put in a couple stalls for any new animals we might get down the road.  
Before pic:

Taking out some beams and the feeding troughs.  Also digging out the concrete for a new concrete floor

We took the boys to the Buck over the weekend to see the monster trucks.  They put on a great show.  I wanted to go last year and it didn't work out.  They bring in monster trucks twice a year at the Buck.  

A lot of star wars talk was coming out of their mouths

Sunday after church we had some families over for a slip and slide.  It was so hot that day, the kids loved it.  

Rod wasn't impressed with the yard afterward :)  

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