Sunday, August 30, 2009

Barnstormers Adventure

Saturday night we went to the Barnstormers game. In hindsight, not the best decision!! They were playing York and had fireworks afterward, so it was a packed house. After the first inning, we made the trek out to the consessions to get supper, and we lost Ben! After what seemed like a long time of searching, i spotted a man walking the other way with him. He worked there, and i was able to track him down. He said a woman handed him over. So he took us to a back room and gave Ben a ball for being so brave. I think clueless might be a more accurate word, but we'll just use the word brave. Then around the 5 inning we headed off to the playground, where it proceded to downpour. It was too crowded to get under cover so we just went home!

A bright spot was the kids got to see their mascot, Cylo and give high fives. But other then that, it didn't go so well. The boys were a little too young to want to sit and watch the game. But we kept good attitudes for the kids sake, and i don't think they realized it was not a successful family outing. For the time being, we'll just stick to uncle Mikey's baseball games where they can play in the dirt the whole time :)

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