Sunday, August 2, 2009

Table Setting

i recently added table setting to the things i let the boys help me with. i have to admit, it's hard for me to get motivated w/ teaching them different chores, it's so much easier and quicker for me to just do them myself. that's the perfectionist in me. but they are at such a willing age right now, and i know i need to take advantage of that. i've been getting a kick out of how the table looks when they are done. One is in charge of forks, one in charge of spoons, and one in charge of the kids plates. mommy takes care of the breakable stuff :)

i told them i want to take a picture and show people what a good job they did. actually i wanted you all to get a good snicker!

Adam put his plate in the sink the other day after eating, WITHOUT me telling him to and i almost cried!! how dorky is that!?! it's just nice to see positive results from all the constant training. the "fruit" from my labor isn't seen very often at this age, but i must stay consistent! i continue to ask God for good ideas on how to teach and train each one, according to their learning style and personality. What a tough job it is! (but someone's got to do it...haha) Blessings to you if you're in the same season of life!!

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