Thursday, September 16, 2010

5 months

Bubba is 5 months! Rod commented the other day that he might never know his name. We call him so many 'pet' names...Clay Bay, Bay, Old Bay, Old Bay seasoning. And it goes on.

He has the hugest smile! Not much sound comes out of that mouth though. He might be a late talker ? Or just won't have a chance to talk. Spend 10 minutes at our house and you'll know what i'm talking about!

I was reminded of something in a good mother's devotional i'm reading ("make your day count"), that we need to remember to pray in advance for our children, the things that they will run into in life. Preventative praying, if you will. instead of doing emergency praying when they face a situation, we should be praying in advance for them, for their decisions, salvation, future issues. Not that i don't pray for their future, but more often then not i pray for the present. The author encourages us to pray now for tomorrow's need. There is much planting we can do by praying for our children and their future.

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Brandy said...

He is cute! What a big smile!