Monday, September 27, 2010


I love these animals!! A nearby farm had an open house yesterday and we went and checked out their alpacas.

Warming up to each other....

Alpacas are a lot like llamas, but much smaller. Other differences are their ears (llamas ears are taller, and curved like a banana), and the texture of their coat is a bit different.

They are generally pretty tame, these ones weren't as friendly as other ones we've seen in the past. But once they got used to us they were pretty calm. My camera died, so no cute ones of them feeding the alpacas.
They get shaved once a year, in the spring. Rod and I have talked many times about getting a few of these. But they are rather expensive. If we do, it'll be a long ways off. I think we'll start with a bunny :)

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Anonymous said...

Up close & personal, surprised they left you in the meadow with them. Mom