Sunday, September 12, 2010


We had an awesome vacation at the beach this past weekend. We had nice weather and took advantage of that. The boys skipped naps each day and enjoyed the beach. In the evenings we went out to the boardwalk. We loved having my mom come this year. She helped a lot w/ Clay which allowed me more beach time with Rod and the boys. She even gave Rod and I a date night, after the boys went to bed. Fun memories all around! ! !

The beach..... All i have to say is....they were BUSYWe had an embarrasing situation Saturday....The boys were down by the water playing with their trucks, when i looked up and saw both Ben and Brad with their suits down and they were peeing! Facing the people on the beach! It was too late for me to do anything, plus we were too far away. So i just pretended to look around for those boys parents, just like everyone else was doing :) - (we had a little chat later)

Clay's first beach experience. Rod laughed when my mom came out with him and said he looks like he's ready for a blizzard!
Boardwalk time!
Daddy went fast down the ramp!We found a nice collection of shells..
Boys were in bed by 7:30 tonight, time to catch up on sleep!!


Rochelle Matthews Stoltzfus said...

that is quite the stroller! almost like the troller cart after it ; ) looks like you had a nice time.

TulipGirl said...

Love these pics! So glad we got to meet at the wedding finally!