Sunday, March 20, 2011

cakes over the years...

i don't consider myself much of a baker, but i love baking cakes for the boys birthdays.

it all started over 4 years ago when i wanted to do a train cake for adam's 1st bday...

(Rod has done the detail work on almost all these cakes, he does a great job!)

Adam's 2nd birthday cake was made by aunt Pam. Mommy was busy with twins.

Adam's 3rd birthday he specified he wanted "a purple dinosaur with yellow polka-dots!"

The 4th birthday he couldn't decide wether he wanted a shark, a skunk, or a snapping turtle. He finally picked the snapping turtle, which he later said was a sea turtle. (whatever:) 5th birthday, Adam wanted a baseball field. The phillies season just wrapped up and he had baseball on the brain. It was a fun one. For Ben and Brad's 1st Birthday, i took one of their preemie sleepers into the bakery, and asked the lady to make a cake with the sleepers exact size on top. Their 2nd Birthday Rod's mom helped me make them a barn cake. I really wanted to do this one, after seeing it in a magazine. I knew it wasn't going to be easy. Rod said he wanted no parts of this one!!!

(the silo is just a corn syrup bottle, covered w/ icing!)

Rod did the entire cake for their 3rd birthday. I'm talking he baked the cake, made the icing, and designed this bad boy. I was on the couch with much back pain, about to have baby Clay.

Rod gets an ice cream cake roll every year for his birthday. It's his fav and has been a tradition for him growing up.

Looking forward to doing a cake for Clay soon. His favorite toy is the toilet, not sure if i should try for that one or not :)

I don't even like cake, so i'm ok with not getting any for my birthday!

It was fun to look back and reminise over the past 4 years of birthday celebrating. The other night before bed one of the twins, i think brad, thanked God for pictures, (meaning photos) I liked that he thought about how special it is to have pictures to look back on and relive the memories. Without pictures we'd forget so much.

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Rochelle Matthews Stoltzfus said...

Fun cakes! You have talent!

What a sweet prayer - I like it.