Saturday, March 26, 2011

Signs of spring....

I think we are all ready, are we not??

The weather hasn't been the grandest recently but it's more tolerable for me, knowing it's going to change soon.

I am so ready to get out in the garden! I picked up a few of the seeds i plan to plant. I want more variety this year, and better layout. Lots of square patches seems to make sense (verses all rows) to save space and cut down on weeds. Carrots, red beets, lettuce, spinach, dill, potatoes i will try this way. Doesn't hurt to experiment and see what works.
Remember that wonderful day last Friday when it hit 70 degrees! I was loving that so much, even the next morning i woke up feeling so good from being outside working and playing the day before. Here we are in the McDonalds grass, eating kiddie cones.
That evening we planted grapes! Seedless Concord, sooo good! I hope to report that in a year the vines will be climbing all over this gate!!
This week the Smoker cousins sent us a happy spring gift. A make your own gingerbread birdhouse. For some reason i agreed to do this with them while making supper and tending to Clay. Will not do that again. Rod and Meg rescued me and it turned out very cute. Thank you guys for the gift!

This morning we hit a few yard sales, indoor ones, but still they were yard sales!

Happy spring to you!

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Anonymous said...

you are welcome! great birdhouse! andrea