Saturday, March 12, 2011

Go Ben!

Ben's picture is in the latest issue of Thriving Family magazine! I entered it a while ago, i don't even remember when i entered it or what the catagory was for, (apparently for cooking).. Check him out!

I was so much more excited then Ben!

This is a great magazine, by the way, by Focus on the Family. Gives great ideas for parents for each stage of childhood, all the way up to teens; and they also emphasize the importance of a strong marriage.

They even mailed me 5 extra copies of the magazine. They think of everything!


Anonymous said...

Good picture, Ben! So fun to see your picture in a magazine, don't forget to save a copy for tractor grandma.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, how fun to see one of your pictures in a magazine!
ANdrea : )

Me & my boys said...

andrea, i waited 3 whole days for you to see it but mom didn't think you got yours yet! so i went ahead and posted it. i wanted you to be surprised when you looked through it, but i was too anxious to post it :)

Anonymous said...

I got the magazine just before I read your post! Andrea