Monday, August 1, 2011

Spontaneous beach trip

Wed 3:30pm- Rod: "I don't have to paint any more cars this week, want to go to the beach for a few days?"
Thurs 11:00am: off to the beach for a few days
It was nice in so many ways. we had a 1st floor room, right next to the pool, i didn't have to cook, clay stayed home with my mom, the water was warm and the boys enjoyed it, it wasn't as crowded as i remember it being when i used to go the end of July......They were into jumping:
the birds got a feast because my boys eat like birds...a lot of stuffed characters on the boardwalk. taffy and monkey man were the favorites...the motel pool, a great way to get rid of the extra sand :) shrivers gives away free taffy balloons each night to the first 50 people in line. we missed it the first night but made sure we got them the 2nd night. fun times, i love the beach!

We were glad to make it back on time saturday for the annual smoker family ice cream party. when we got home that eve at 9:30 we discovered the bunnies had gotten out! nothing like chasing after rabbits in the dark!

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