Friday, August 26, 2011

summer's end

Rod has the boys away camping again, he's wanting to take advantage to what's left of summer. It was another last minute thing. I got a call at 10:00am, asking to have them packed and fed by 12:00. So we ran errands, i packed the cooler, packed their clothes, fed them lunch and they were out the door! (Pretty sure it was closer to 1:00 though) and now i get to hear my own thoughts :)

Last night we went w/ Rod's cousin and family to the Barnstormers. The boys had free tickets from the summer reading program. Little did they know the tickets were no good, we picked the wrong eve. to go. But i asked the attendant to pretend to take their ticket and scan it and it worked out! hated to burst their little bubbles. On the way to the game Adam says "Mom, thanks for reading us all those books so we can go to the game!" Wow, that means a lot coming from him! He's not always very thoughtful.. Not that most 5 year old boys are. They had a good time watching parts of the game, playing on the playground, tracking down Cylo, and eating. It was nice to spend time with Rod's cousins. Next fall they leave for Hondurous on missions.

Sophia says "i don't mind that I'm the only girl" That's nice :)
Good seats. Small crowd. I'm fine with that!

The twins really wanted to visit Cylo, he played with Ben's new camo hat for awhile..We got rained out about 9:30, our 3rd straight year leaving a Barnstormers game in the rain! we're going for a record!

All kids walked away with a free Cylo t-shirt. And one of us adults, how did that happen?

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