Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Today Clay is the exact same age Adam was when the twins were born! 16 months, 14 days. I might be a day off but anyways, i am floored by this! I truly thought Adam was so grown up when the twins were born. I'm glad i was naive or it would have been even harder in those first months.
Speaking of Adam, he starts school on Monday. We got his teacher letter in the mail yesterday and he is getting the famous Mrs. Leonard, the teacher that "everyone" says he has to have. She's been there 30 years and is the sweetest lady. I tried not to hope and pray for her to be his teacher because it was more important to me that he be in with good kids, and my prayer has been that he'll be in a class with at least 1 or 2 christian boys and make good quality friends. He already knows one kid who will be in his class. He met him a couple weeks ago on the playground and they played so well together. The boy, Ethan is autistic and was already assigned his teacher. He will also have an aid in the class to help him one on one. I'm sure Adam never noticed there was anything "wrong" with him when he played with him that day on the playground. This could be a good teaching opportunity for me, that if Adam asks why he has a special teacher, etc., I can help him to see right away that even kids that are considered different, really aren't that different. He likes to do the same things Adam does- run around, laugh, and have fun.
I almost feel guilty about not being more sentimental about Adam starting school and such. I'm so ready to send him and i think he's ready too (he just might not totally realize it yet). I'm at peace with our decision and am believing God will be alongside him each day he steps foot in his new school.
I think him being away from the twins for some time each day will do him some good (and them). Can't wait to watch the growth in him this year as he rides out this new milestone, called Kindergarten. Did i spell that right?
I love you Adam, go get 'em!

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