Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adam's first and second day!

Adam has 2 days of school under his belt. The first day was only for 1 hour, and i was there with him, so it wasn't a real day, but counted as one :)

Day 1:

He found his friend Ethan right away. An answer to prayer on the very first day!!!

Day 2: taking the bus. I love the short bus! There's no "special" reason why he's been assigned the short bus, in case anyone was wondering :)
He had show and tell already today. He took in a huge dead bee and a cicada. I'm sure the girls love him. No tears for mommy. Perhaps next year, as Adam will be doing full days and the twins will start K. But for this year, it's doable, and good. I'm impressed with the school, their organization, and Adam's wonderful teacher!

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Brandy said...

Happy First day of school Adam! Kindergarten is so much fun!