Friday, September 2, 2011

Future Phillies?

I think so!! This summer i had wanted to sign Adam up for a local baseball team, he shows much interest in batting and running the bases. Rod said not yet, but let's do regular games at home with them. It went in spurts, as summer schedules can get busy, but we fit in quite a few games of wiffle ball. They had a lot of fun with it, and probably learned more this way rather then being on a team, at this point. A selfish perk is that this is something they can do together without fighting. That's not always the case, much to your surprise i'm sure :)
After i typed that i found this picture, so nevermind.
Clay knows what to do and is very determined to do it!
I wonder how good J-roll and Chase Utley were at this age? I know, lots better then my boys...but let me dream.

I'd say this was a highlight of our 2011 summer. Simple, fun, free, and the whole family can be involved.

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