Saturday, September 10, 2011

another fun time at the beach is in the books! i always think 3 nights should be long enough to get away, but it goes so fast.

we left wednesday just before our road became flooded! got to Ocean city and it was sunny and warm. we missed out on the excitment of 12 inches of rain.

i think i get this picture every year. the camo hats really fit in well with this setting :)
Adam wanted to ride bike everywhere! He got up early with Rod in the mornings and they went on long rides. Clay had a blast this year. He wanted to do everything his brothers were doing. He even got a free ice cream cone, just by walking up to Kohr's and giving them 'the look'. So glad my mom came again this year. the boys love their grandma!Started reading the boys "charlotte's web". I loved this book when i was little. I told them i'll let them watch the video after we finish reading the book. Adam says "how many days does it take to watch the video?"
Until next time, Ocean City, NJ........

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Megan said...

looks like soo much fun!! I would have rather been at ocean city then here with the rain too :) We read Charlotte's web this summer and loved it!! Just started box car children series. Hope Adam's loving school