Monday, September 5, 2011

couldn't resist

We've talked about doing this, i just had to see what he would look like..........I must say, the color pink was fun while it lasted! thanks to our neighbors, with twins girls who are Clay's age, for the loan :)

Now on to a more manly topic; Adam began riding the mini bike today! Rod gives the boys rides a lot, and he kept telling Adam 'you can do this on your own! Adam is cautious, and did not want to, but with a little persuading (roughly 2 months worth), he got on and took off! and he loves it, rides all over the place. So proud of him.


Sarah said...

Oh, my goodness...Sherry, Clay looks awfully pretty in pink I must say ;-) Too funny!!!

Maredith said...

Clay would be an awfully cute little girl!! =)