Friday, September 30, 2011

new pixs

Adam's school pictures came in yesterday. I think he looks so grown up! Yes, he's wearing some of his breakfast on his shirt :)

I'm not sure if typical Kindergartner's are into trading pictures, but Adam was totally excited about trading pics today, but when i picked him up from school today he said noone had any pictures with them :( Adam likes school and almost always has something exciting to tell me when i pick him up. He's an observer and takes everything in. He has handled the adjustment very well, but i wouldn't say it's comfortable for him yet. Everything is still pretty new. I have really enjoyed getting to know the moms during pick up time, and the weekly prayer time at the nearby church. I'm discovering there are quite a few christian families in his class. That's such a blessing.

While it was still warm outside, i wanted to get an 18 month picture of Clay, a week or so early. After getting on and off horsey 15 times, he held still long enough to get a non blurry picture.

You can tell a lot about a child's personality from their first words. My other boys said "grandma" (me-me) and "baby" early on, as well as things they saw, like "moon", "star". Clay's first words have been more action oriented, his favorite words are "eat", "ride", "stuck", "uh-oh", and "ow", (like ouch).

Today he did the cutest thing that took me off guard. His version of baseball is he'll take a bat and hit a ball out of my hand. Well today he hit the ball, dropped the bat, and starting running in a big circle. Running the bases just like his brothers. Precious!

Might as well throw in a recent picture of the twins. Because i love those sweet little boys.


Anonymous said...

The pictures are all so good, they are all growing up too fast for this grandma! Ben & Brad crack me up with their camo hats, I'm sure you have wished many times I would have left those hats in NY. Mom

Brandy said...

Adam does look so grown up. The twins are adorable. And Clay has such a cute round little baby face.

Kara was asking the other day about the kittens we saw at your house. She still talks about the orange/yellow one.

The lady of the house... said...

Sherry~such sweet kids....and memories. Tyler is in Kindergarten as well and I think he grows taller each morning. He is so INTO it and it's so sweet. I can only hope and pray that he can make lifelong friends like we did. I can remember those WFCS days so well. Hope you're doing well. Love from Strasburg.