Tuesday, February 28, 2012

3 musketeers

This afternoon i moved Adam's bed over to Ben and Brad's room. The 3 of them are officially now sharing a room. (instead of Adam sneaking over on school nights, or doing 'sleepovers' on weekends)
They play hard all day and really do sleep well at night, so it made sense to do this. Adam has been asking for a couple years now, "why do Ben and Brad get to be together and not me?" one time he asked "If we were triplets would i get to be in the same room?" Poor guy. That was over a year ago asked that. Now i'm wondering how many years until he's begging to go back to his own room!!

Adam's old room is now a playroom. Like they needed another play room.
The move itself took more work then i was hoping for. Had to remove the headboard to get it through the doorway. As i was struggling at screwing the headboard back on i said "this is why i don't do things like this, i'm not good at it. Daddy is so much better then me at this". Adam said "well there's something you are good at....you're good at being a mommy." Wow, someone was happy that mommy moved his bed over to his brothers' room!

This might not seem like a big deal, but i think this was a good move (literally). I think this will help Adam to feel included. I'm glad i went with my mother's instinct on this one. Kinda wish i had done it sooner.

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