Monday, February 27, 2012


This weekend we didn't have electric from 9:00am saturday morning until 10:30pm Sunday night. On purpose... Yep, we decided to see how we function w/out the luxury of electricity!

it was a memorable weekend. And easier then i thought, although we didn't have anything pressing to do like projects or cooking, etc. which i'm sure made things easier.

we flew kites saturday....Saturday all day supper was cooking in our sun oven. Pork, potatoes and carrots cooked by the sun, from 9-4pm. It was a partly cloudy day, otherwise would have gotten done quicker. This is a pretty neat unit, click HERE for more info on sun ovens. We're still experimenting with this thing, but we really like it.

The panels relect the sun, and it gets warm in there!

Also did cooking on the gas grill, and side burner.

The boys had fun in the evenings. from 6pm until bedtime the house was dark and they used flashlights to play. They didn't complain the whole weekend about this, i was told to try again when they are teens and it may be a different story :)

There were moments of "cheating", used the generator for a few hours a day just for the fridge/freezer. And had some electric during sunday afternoon for company.

Things were so quiet and peaceful and less distractions - i think we'll do it again!!

Now this morning it's back to having the toaster, stove, washing machine, dishwasher, lights, heat, computer, warm baths, and garage door! it's amazing how much we rely on electric! Hoping this weekend gave the boys some perspective on how blessed we are. It was a good reminder for me!

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Brandy said...

I think it would be fun for a weekend, although we would have to keep the heat for Sadie.

I do think it will be much more challenging in the teen years.