Friday, February 10, 2012

B & B....& A (no C this time)

These guys are a trip. Almost always willing to try Daddy's ideas...And here they've willingly decided to wash up the dishes after making cookies. They did a marvelous job, for real.
So my struggle the past year or more has been not to compare Adam to them. the twins have become very cooperative, fun loving, easy little boys. Where Adam has grown in his tendency to challenge everything, put a negative spin on everything, and insist on doing things his way.

He got his first report card last week, and overall i was pleased. He's doing fine academically and even socially sounded good, but his teacher wrote, and i quote: "Adam is an independent thinker and often chooses his way of completing tasks rather than following given instructions." I could not word that any better!!! It might not seem like a big deal, but almost everything he does is done with a unique twist that just doesn't quite work. So it adds up over the course of a day and gets hard to function as a family when there's one constantly doing things a little "off". But it's interesting because the qualities that i find so challenging now are the very same qualities that i believe God's gonna use in him to do some amazing things in the future! So that gives me hope. He just needs some training. And i don't want to change him (even though i confess i often DO want to change him). I want to direct him. help him. Love him. And celebrate who God has created him to be. It's a process. (A dear fellow mom at Farmdale mom's prayer group gave me the Birth Order book by K Leaman. So i guess i need to add another book to my 'reading list'.)

And i don't like to use my blog to complain about my kids, i DO love the little dearhearts! But it's reality, and you need to know life isn't pefect over here at the Gingrich Funny Farm. :)

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Brandy said...

One of my brothers was so stubborn as a baby, that when he got mad at my mom, he would hold his breath until he passed out. When he was older, my mother would be talking to him and he would totally act like he could not hear her at all. It was amazing to watch. It use to make my mom so mad. Anyway, he took that determination and strong will and became a college professor and ultra marathon runner (even at age 40.) I also try to remember that God has a plan with my children's personalities.