Saturday, February 4, 2012

kids workshop

I just learned that Home Depot does FREE kid's workshops the first Saturday of every month! how cool is that? Rod took the 3 boys in today and i kept 'Fireball' at home, (pretty sure he got the better end of that deal). They made keepsake boxes. Perfect for my guys, who think everything is a treasure.

It's hard sometimes to get the full details from the hubby, but it sounds and looks like they had fun. Next month they do little wooden cars.
They got to keep the apron, and are supposed to bring it back each time they go. Great incentive for them to remember where they put it and to not destroy it within 24 hours of owning it! Adam even put his work boots on

Soon after they got home, i heard Adam say to the twins - "Do you want to play Work?" haha, reminded me of something his daddy would have said at his age. Adam enjoys "working."

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