Monday, August 12, 2013

past several days....

So much for taking the summer days slow and at home, we just had 4 very busy days away from home!

On thurs we went to Cherry Crest Farms, my favorite place to take the boys.  It's filled with fantastic farm themed activities for kids.  We could spend an entire day there.  We were there 5 hours and got chased out because they were closing due to rain.  We've never done the big maze, but they had a smaller, kid one this year that they liked. 
Some favorite stations:
Sling shots-lots of time spent here.  they are aiming at large pictures of animals that are hung 4 different places.

Pedal carts-

Bounce pillows-Strasburg railroad runs through cherry crest pretty often.

Giant Slide-
Mom surprised us with the 2 oldest cousins, that was a lot of fun! 
And the reason we went last week is because of tractor pull week.  We all entered, even me :) 
Clay can't figure out why he can't pedal any more!
Then Friday early morning, (before 6!) we left for Rod's cousins house, in VA.  We spent the day w/ them and camped out in their yard.  We had a great time visiting w/ them, the boys had fun with their boys who they don't get to see too often.  And poor Elsa was slightly outnumbered.  She handled it well :)
(The rest of our trip was unplanned and we just 'winged' it!)
We left the cousins late Saturday morning and stopped at Luray Caverns in Virginia.  These beautiful caverns were discovered 135 years ago.  We did the tourist thing and took a tour of that.  You almost have to visit it to get the full effect. 


Then as we continued driving toward home, Rod says hey we'll be going right past camp hebron, let's stay there tonight!  We arrived there about 5:30 and stayed overnight till late Sunday afternoon.  And we got home 6:00 Sunday night!  It was an awesome weekend, but I was happy to sleep in a BED last night and get cleaned up.  I'm thankful we didn't need to cancel out on this.  Rod's back was very bad again earlier in the week and we really didn't know if we were going to go until Thursday he decided we can do it.  It's slowly been getting better every day.  He's been through so much with his back!

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