Tuesday, August 27, 2013


here we go, 1st and 2nd graders! 

it appears i'm the only mom on the face of facebook ready for the my kids to start their year!  they seem excited about the new school, new playground, new and old friends, and their teachers.  I wouldn't be doing them any favors by holding on to my mighty men!  I'm excited for what the year holds for them, and us a family.  I pray in faith that they will learn and grow in leaps and bounds.  I'm already so proud of how far they've come in one year. 

Ben and Brad's teacher is a teacher liason for the Mom's prayer group, I am happy to have her be their teacher.  Adam has another young teacher, but honestly that works great for him.  He really enjoyed his teacher last year.

Clay is doing fine and has just been a barrel of chatty-ness.  Oh the things he says and does.  We've had a young fellow helping out with our greenhouse project for several days, and today I noticed Clay over with him talking his ear off for over an hour.  I went over later and wanted to know truthfully if Clay was bothering him, and he said yes he's getting on my nerves.  Bummer.   So I pulled him away and we made cookies for the school boys for when they came home. 

Clay is starting his own adventure in 2 weeks.  This spring I signed him up for 2 mornings of preschool a week at a local church.  It was so cool, when I went in to sign him up, I saw our neighbor twins names on the list in the same class as Clay!  so excited for him to be in class with 2 kiddos he already knows.  And we plan to carpool too, which will be nice for everyone.  This is our first experience with preschool.  I didn't even consider it with the others, and used to have some opinions about preschool.  But that was before I met Clay :)  He will love it and it will be a good thing for him to be in class with kids his own age.  He truly does think he's about 5 or 6 years old.  Slow down bubba. 

 Hope everyone has a good school year. 

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ForeverLove said...

I was so ready for school to get underway (one down, one to go tomorrow!) They need to be in a learning environment, no matter how much I try to deny it. Goodness, what are you going to do with two mornings a week to yourself? I vote you start a Bible study for moms :)