Monday, August 19, 2013

Whew, the boys just spent the morning w/ me in the kitchen while I canned some soup.  They often like to be where I am which I don't mind except it's loud and messy and sometimes dangerous!  They hot glued some creations; sling shots and bows and arrows.  Now lunch is over and Ben went with Rod to the shop and I shooed the rest outside.  Now I get on here with my black cherry soda and peace and quiet....for now :)

An old friend of mine (from school and church) was in town this summer and she did a photo shoot for us.  She's a great photographer and captured us pretty well.  It was no easy task, the boys were on "home turf" so they were quite comfortable with this endeavor (a.k.a. rowdy and not real cooperative).  I wanted it to be fun though, and it was.  So we just let them do their thing and we snuck some photos in. 

We have 80 pics, here are some favs:  (Mom, i'll put them all up on shutterfly if you want to order any!)



ForeverLove said...

Those pictures are amazing, she has such talent! The boys look as cute as ever, enjoy these last few days of summer.

Brandy said...

Beautiful pictures! Clay is absolutely adorable! Don't let him grow up too fast.