Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our property in 2003

I recently browsed through pictures of when we first got a digital camera. Oh my, i came across our property right after we bought it (2003). I can hardly believe it!! And to think Rod saw the potential in this place. He did so much work, countless hours on the backhoe. I helped some too. But who are we kidding, Rod did most of it. We moved in 3 years after we bought the place (April 2006).
Here's a pic of the old house. Look at all the overgrown trees and shrub! Our house was built just to the left of where the old house was.
from the back of the property, nothing was kept after. almost makes me sick!
close to the same view, after we moved...
We feel so blessed to be here, and want to use it to bless others as well. We've done different outdoor events here.. I'd still love to have a wedding here some day. Maybe my brother's wedding :) :0)

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