Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pregnancy status

Wanted to give a brief update on how i'm doing thus far this pregnancy. I chose not to take the progestorone shots to prevent preterm labor. I'm almost 27 weeks now and everything seems 'quiet'. Other then the Braxton Hicks contractions. Which is a regular thing from all my pregnancies. I am so happy to have been healthy, after a bout of several colds the first and early second trimester. I was beginning to think it was going to last the whole pregnancy! i'm feeling very good. i'm one of those weirdos who loves being pregnant! I've even have been getting barely any headaches. I normally, when not pregnant, get a headache once a week or so. and i don't put up with them, i'm popping advil right away. so i was concerned after getting pregnant, that i'd have to 'suck it up' with my headaches. since you can't take advil. but i probably only had one that i had to deal with so that's excellent. I'm amazed at God's goodness so far in a variety of ways throughout the pregnancy and we continue to pray for a safe and healthy baby to arrive not a minute before April 16th :)

Some recent chuckles i've gotten from the boys. They are all at a funny stage with the things they say to one another, makes all the work worth it!!!

Adam burps
Adam: "Excuse me"
Brad: "There ya go!"

Sometimes while Adam is playing with or talking to a twin, he'll stop what he's doing/saying and say: "Who are you???" The twin responds with his name and Adam says: "Oh". I know how he feels, sometimes is hard to tell!

Brad: "Your funny looking Ben"
Ben: "No i'm not, i'm handsome!"
(Brad didn't understand the irony of telling your twin brother he's funny looking! Ben should have said - If i'm funny looking then you are too!)

I'm sure there's many other funnies that i either miss or tune out :)


Anonymous said...

oh man, your boys crack me up!! =) since this pregnancy is different than with the others, it must be a girl... =P

Anonymous said...

oops, the last comment was me (Maredith)!!!

Sarah said...

Your not the only one who loves to be pregnant ;-)
And I actually feel better pregnant than not...go figure... I just entered my 2nd trimester, it's already going too fast for me :(

So glad to hear your feeling great! What a riot your little guys are...they must keep you smiling all day ;-)

Brandy said...

Isn't it sort of crazy to wish a quiet, boring, and long pregnancy?! : ) But I did exactly the same thing each time I was pregnant!