Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thumb Sucking

Adam starting sucking his thumb regularly at 6 months old.....It was cute at 6 months old....and cute at a year oldeven a little cute at 2 1/2...BUT, not so much at 4 years old! He still does it quite often. I know i sucked my fingers until 1st grade, and i don't anymore so there's hope! i'd like him to start cutting back. He doesn't need a blanky in order to have his thumb, he doesn't even need to be bored or tired. During the busyness of our Christmas play he asked to take just his thumb out of his glove! hmmm, wonder why. I know habits are hard to break, so i want to be patient with the process! I'm glad the twins don't suck their thumbs!


Brandy said...

Those are adorable pictures! Very cute! So far, I have not had a thumb sucker, so far. We'll see what Sadie does.

Jen said...

My older girls and John suck their thumbs... Emma and Dan did not. I started to tell the older two that if they sucked their thumbs it meant they were tired and needed to take a nap. That helped some since that was not what they want to do! ~Jen