Monday, January 10, 2011


Some things that we created this past week....

I've been wanting to crochet this tic-tac-toe game since last winter, when i discovered the pattern online. I got around to it this winter and finished it! We'll see how much the boys like to use it. Adam likes the game, haven't taught the twins yet. It's hard to tell the size from a picture, but it's about 7" x 7".

The pattern should be here, if you want to try it. It's easy, but takes a little while.

Adam has been begging and begging to learn to crochet. So i finally said i'd try to teach him. I taught him the chain stitch so he could make braclets and necklaces. Apparently he realized it's pretty boring because he hasn't mentioned anything since the lesson! I guess sometimes they just want to know what something is like and they are satisfied.

The boys like Dr. Suess books. Brad keeps asking Daddy to make green eggs and ham. So would you believe on Sunday Daddy DID makes green eggs and ham (or bacon, actually). He's a clever guy!

I tried out a Duggar recipe, that was printed in their book. We only got 6 casseroles out of this regular sized Duggar meal!

Tuna Noodle Casserole: i love cooking big so this was right up my alley. Ben was my helper and probably thought it would never end!I should stop before you start thinking we're too weird.

But this is too cute not to share. Our friend who lives downstairs received this for Christmas. It's a homemade cookie manger scene, very detailed and impressive. Also very tasty. Her sister-in-law made it and it took her 3 days!

Tomorrow we go to the Farm show! We haven't gone since Adam was a baby. I think Rod picked to go tomorrow night because he wants to drive in the snow!

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Brandy said...

You are so creative! The tic-tac-toe board is neat!