Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ice skating and year end thoughts

Cousin Dana got us into ice skating here of late. We've gone twice and are really liking it. I was able to borrow a pair of kids double bladed skates, which allowed all the boys to skate. It's like training wheels for ice skates! Having 2 blades helps them with their balance, even though the blades are pretty close together. It's been fun watching them do this and see their personalities come out. Brad, the more carefree one skated around, had fun, and showed off. The other 2 were more cautious but were still proud of their accomplishment.
Mel's pond:
Adam trying skates for the first time, before the double bladed ones:
Day 2 at a neighbor's pond, using the double blade skates.
By the way, Happy New Year! I'm in the midst of lots of reflecting on our family of 6. Some individual thoughts on this past year and the year ahead.

Clay: What a joy! He wasted no time fitting in to the older brother trio. A few days ago Clay and Adam did a sleepover in Adam's room. They were laughing and carrying on until 10:00, when Rod went up to settle them down. By listening to the 2 of them, you never would have known one of them was only 8 months old! We love his spunk, and his happy personality. He got his first tooth yesterday. Excited to see all the changes he'll make this year.

He brings a little extra to our family w/ his sharp mind and endless chatter. Brad has learned his letters this year and began writing his name recently. His little notebook is full of funny comments he says. (i keep a mini notebook for each child to write their funny quotes) The other day he held up a paper and said "This is my facebook!" He loves to sing and pretend play police man, fireman, pilot etc.

Ben is just as funny, with a slightly more laid back approach to life. Ben is so polite and loves to share and tell people I love you. Ben and Brad hold a special place in my heart because of all we've been through w/ them. Ben recently said out of the clear blue "I'm a mighty fine boy". He's our only boy who doesn't need a pull up on at night. He's totally diaper-less these days! We are proud.

is Adam! He keeps us humble :) I've never seen someone so "all or nothing". One day he will not be into school at all, the next day he will want to write words like 'lightbulb' and 'monster truck'. It makes no sense! He's like this with everything! It's very challenging at times, and other times just plain funny. He has a lot of changes in store this year, as he will start kindergarten. We're hoping for a smooth adjustment for both him and me! I appreciate how helpful he has become with things around the house and just some ideas he gets. I never thought I'd take advise from a 4-5 year old, but i do! He wants to learn to ride bike w/out training wheels this year. We actually might tackle that this winter, so he can wear his snow pants and not get hurt when he falls!
Last week we saw a man wearing shorts in the store parking lot in 20 degree weather! we were in the car at the time and i said "Look at that guy wearing shorts!" Adam replies in a grown up tone: "Well.....boys do what they want to do." This is true.

(the individual pics of the boys were taken by cousin Rina!)

He's had a hard year at the shop. He's been busier then ever, but finds his help to be a challenge. He's had to let a couple guys go this year, and just hasn't found a good employee to add. So he spent most of the year being short a guy or two. I told him this summer that it's just a tough season right now and will change. I hope i'm right. He's very grateful for the work though and never complains.
He loves his boys and looks forward to doing more things with them this year. Rod and i celebrate 10 years of marriage this year, on Dec 1. And we will probably go to Aruba again :)

I feel like 2010 has God's goodness written all over it. We've been so blessed and have seen countless things that make us grateful. I always have things i want to work on/change when a new year starts. One thing is, my computer time has to be decreased. After all, why does Brad know about facebook?? I tend to tell Rod different things that i find out on facebook. The one day he was like "why do you know what my 2nd cousin once removed is up to??" Good point. I don't need to follow it so closely, even though it's usually when the kids are resting. I still want to focus on other things. So I shall start after this incredibly long post!

Good things ahead this year...
*I'm excited to be involved with the March for Babies walk this year in May. Our whole family will be involved in this 3 mile walk to raise money for treatments for preemies. Want to sponser us?
*I got a call from the pastor at the Awana church the boys go to. And they needed another teacher for the remainder of the year and asked if i would do it. I always said i'd like to be a fly on the wall and see what goes on every Wed. at awanas. Now i get to find out! Apparently i start this Wednesday!
I told the boys our goal for this year is to make God happy with what we say and what we do!
Blessings to all of your new year, Happy 2011.

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