Monday, January 3, 2011


This morning at breakfast i asked the boys to pick a Fruit of the Spirit that they'd like to work on today. To my surprise they were cooperative with this. Adam and Ben gave their Fruit w/out me reminding them of what they are. Brad needed help, then picked his Fruit. That got me thinking.....We should do a poster of fruits, with their name in a box and have them pick a fruit each day and put it their box. Yeah, that could work. So i wrote the fruits on foam, and taped them to the posterboard. A little decorating and there we go! Everone sitting underneath their name. Of course 1/2 hour after Adam picked Kindness, he hit his brother....I was inspired to do this after reading the Duggar family book, 20 and Counting. They haven't done this specifically. But they do creative things with their kids in teaching Biblical principles and good character.

I didn't even check to see if i listed all the Fruit. But i think i got them all!

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Brandy said...

Great idea!