Sunday, January 16, 2011

School decision for 2011

Well, after a couple months of Rod and i taking a break from discussion of deciding on a school, we finally have an answer. Even though we weren't discussing it, there was still a lot of prayer and thought going into it. And i had really felt a tug toward Dayspring Christian. I was afraid to tell Rod though because i knew all along he felt like Farmdale (public school) was "just fine", although he was very open to learning more about Dayspring. SO, when i told him i really want our boys at Dayspring, he said "they are going to Farmdale". Don't i know my husband so well? :) I spent a couple days in fear. Most of my thoughts were something to the affect of "I spent all these years working so hard at training these boys in Christ, and now it's all for nothing". Now that was a little dramatic, i know. But maybe a typical response for a first-time school mom. I wasn't mad mind you, but i was fearful, knowing that they will be in public school.

After those first couple days of adjusting to this reality, i really started getting excited. I understand Rod's thinking and i trust his judgement that this is a good fit. He wants to connect the boys in with the community. Rod is well known around here (i'm just rod's wife to most people :) and a lot of it is from him going to Farmdale school. He has fond memories. He also knows there are plenty of Christian families who go to this school and he is right. I've already spoken w/ people we know in the area and they have stressed that point. Also many of the teachers are Christians.

Adam is excited! that makes me excited. Our neighbor Meg will be going on the bus with Adam in the morning and she is so excited to have Adam at her school. She said she will take Adam to class in the morning after they get off the bus. That makes me feel good. Meg told Adam the feild trips she had taken in Kindergarten and he can't wait for that. K at this school is only a couple hours in the morning. I will pick him up before lunch. And Rod said if i want to go somewhere for a day once in a while, then just don't send him that day. no big deal. It's just Kindergarten.

Starting next month we will be going to a preschool thing they do once a month for the future kindergartener's, to get them acquainted with the school and the teachers and future classmates. I'm excited to go to this each month. There's also a mom's prayer group that takes place at the school regularly that i may get to participate in next year.

Eventually they probably will end up at Dayspring, as 6th grade is the highest grade at Farmdale. We plan to send them to private school after that.

A quote i've seen a couple months ago, that "hits home" :: "We go to great lengths to make sure the culture doesn't transform our children - instead of preparing our children to transform the culture."

Rod and i will continue doing what we're doing, believing that we are preparing them to make a difference at Farmdale, and beyond.

thanks for reading.


Brandy said...

I think any school sitution is what you make of it. I attended public school all my life and so did my husband. I'm sure your boys will do fine in any school situation. And you are in a good school district.

Megan said...

ahhhh, the age old school debate. We too struggled with where to send the kids. My sister even teaches in the school and it was still a tough decission :) We ended up with public too (until we decide to rethink the idea) I totally believe that we teach our kids values so they can go into the world and make a difference. For some our kids, the "world" just comes at an earlier age. Keep praying, sometimes thats all we can do.