Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It's hard to believe the school year is about over.  Adam had a great year in Kindergarten.  I am so pleased with the school, his teacher, classmates, and how Adam has grown socially.  He's so comfortable around all his classmates now and seems to be a popular guy!  He even picked out who he's going to marry! (i totally approve:)  It took him several months to warm up to the newness, which i expected.  I have enjoyed getting to know lots of the moms through the mom's prayer group, and also at the pickup spot, where we wait for our kids to come outside and meet us at 11:35 each day.

I hope Ben and Brad's experience goes just as smoothly, as they start this fall!  I will probably have trouble not comparing Adam's classmates to B&B's.  I really do think Adam's class is extra awesome and an answer to prayer!

However we are not thinking of doing public school much longer.  We definetely feel this is the right choice for now, but down the road there might be a better fit for us.  We are currently thinking about the UMS program that is offered at a local christian school. It stands for University Model School.  It combines homeschool and going to school. So 2-3 days you'd go to school and 2-3 days the child would stay home for homeschool.  I think it makes such good sense.  All day/every day in school seems like too much for my guys and heavens knows all day/every day homeschool would not be a good idea for us.  But a little of both?  Sure!  This new model starts this fall.  I've heard nothing but good things about the school, so i imagine this will be an organized system.  We will take this coming school year to look into it a little better.

School decisions are a tricky thing!  It's different for everyone, so it's best not to compare with others but to do what you know is best for your family!  Easier said then done!  I have let other people's opinions about public school get me down this year, with Adam going.  Rod felt a strong lead to public though, even though we can afford private.  And this year couldn't have been more of a blessing.  God knows what He's doing! 

Let me know if you've ever heard of this UMS program and have more info on it. 

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Brandy said...

I'm so you glad you had a great year in public school. We homeschool, but I fully support public schools too. They are doing a lot of GREAT things, especially the school district where you live.

Can't believe you will have three in school next year! Time is flying!