Monday, April 23, 2012


This weekend I went to VA to help out Rod's cousin Mike's family.  Mike's wife is in the hospital after giving birth to her 3rd child, she got a very bad bacteria which spread fast and almost took her life!  she is recouping well, but they obviously need assistance with the kiddos and housework while she's laid up in the hospital. 
We had a great time together and it was just nice to see their place and get to know the kids better.  They have a beautiful farmette, the scenery around their house looks like it should be on the cover of every country magazine there is. 
the drive home was a wild ride!  Both sarah and i got the stomach bug that has been going around in the martin house.  Only 1/2 hour into the trip we had to pull over for me.  (nothing like throwing up on the highway, in the rain, broad daylight, freezing cold, etc!  then 15 minutes after that i had to do it again!  then 20 minutes after that it was Sarah's turn!
Well, the 3 hour drive turned into 6 as we stopped at least a dozen times to take care of business.  I did the driving, as poor Sarah was always on 'the verge' and mine seemed to come quick then i'd have relief for a little.  I never critiqued barfing before last night, but it gave me something to do while i longed so much for my bed.  i was also battling a migrane, my vision got blurry.  it was so hard to see, with it getting dark out, raining, and migrane.  i couldn't go over 55 MPH, that's unheard for me on a highway :)
When we finally got home, it seemed like forever, my shirt was soaked, my contacts were still in.  but i didn't care. i passed out on the couch for 6 hours and felt sooo much better when i woke up.  I was up and about at 5:00 just happy to be able to walk around without having to barf.  Rod looks at me like, 'would you just go back to sleep'.  I was feeling good, i wanted to enjoy it! 
now i'm sipping on soup and ginger ale.  the boys went to a neighbors house for the morning.  Got adam to school on time ( i think) and about to run an errand.  Oh so thankful to be feeling better.  Moms don't have time to be sick!
we did get some laughs in about this, but i think it'll keep getting funnier and funnier as time goes on.  certainly won't forget about it anytime soon!
A lot of you know the story with Rod's cousin, and her situation.  Please pray for them, as there is a long road ahead with recovery and the adjustments that need to be made.  She misses her kids so much.  I almost felt guilty holding the baby, that should be in mommy's arms. 
The baby's name is Elsa, and she's about 6 weeks old here. Noone seemed to know her exact age, but i'm sure her momma does.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! That would be the worst! We've had the stomach flu here. Blah! I'd rather have a head cold for two weeks than the stomach flu.

We are praying for Kara.