Tuesday, April 17, 2012

silly pics

These are sure to make you laugh and worry all at the same time..
Rod is so happy with the storage bin he mounted on the back of his bike. I did not know he was planning on storing Clay in there. But he does seem to enjoy it!
I needed to get my green beans planted and the boys wanted the sprinkler on. So i let them put it in the garden to make a little mud. It got to be a bit more then a little mud! I sure hope they remember this for a long time, because i have to wait till this dries up before i can plant corn!
Adam is one cool dude. He went from sucking his thumb a whole lot to completely stopping (he probably still does at night). We are so amazed at what this boy can do when he puts his mind to something. His teacher said he used to suck his thumb 75% of the time. It's been 2.5 weeks since he's stopped so we're thinking it 'for real'. Rod showed him a zip tie one day and said the next time i see you sucking your thumb i'm going to put this zip tie on your thumb as a reminder. apparently adam was not interested in having a zip tie attached to his body :) Rod was not trying to scare him, but just told him we want to help him remember. We were so surprised that he stopped after that, we thought the zip tie would go on 3 minutes after the discussion. This was a good reminder to me that the challenging seasons the boys go through, do pass. things are always changing and there is hope, even when it looks hopeless.

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