Monday, April 9, 2012


The weekend was packed with family, celebrating, and (too many) sweets!
Ben and Brad wanted to do a campfire on their birthday. So friday night, despite the wind (what's up with this wind?) we had a nice 3 hour campfire together.

Saturday night we had Ben, Brad and Clay's party at my moms! Good times together. After changing their minds one hundred times, the boys agreed on a rocket cake for this year. That was much better then the Eiffel tower or Jordan river that was previously discussed :)
Clay got a little star cake. of course he blew the candles out right away!
He does that weird squinty thing when we tell him to smile :) Today is Clay's actual birthday and i almost forgot! Now i have a big 2 year old baby! i still call him the baby, how do you make that stop?
We celebrated Easter with family here yesterday. I will probably appreciate the aunts more now, when we have get togethers at their house. Hosting bigger outdoor events is easier to me then smaller (34 people) inside gatherings. Lots of details to cover. It was a good day though and warm so the kids could be outside!!! It was extra special for the extended family to be together. In the past year, two from the family have almost lost their life. But God has answered the prayers of our family and we are grateful they are still with us.
2 of the boys stayed for a sleepover last night. here's the set up. It worked out well, (after 10pm that is, they had to get their engery out first)Needless to say, I took a nap today, and the boys are out replaying the easter egg hunt over and over!

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Brandy said...

Happy Birthday to your boys! I think is fine to still call your two year old a baby, especially if they are the youngest. At least that is how it goes in our house. : )

Your boys are so cute!

And yes, I am happy to be back online.