Thursday, April 19, 2012


we've gotten some new life around here this spring. (nothing inside of my womb just in case anyone was wondering)...
A new batch of baby bunnies are at a really cute age, these are almost 4 weeks. ready to eat in 2 months :)
down at the smoker farm tadpoles are in abudance! the cousins caught a couple for us and i'm excited to watch this process and learn about it with the boys. If they manage to survive the following, that is..
Already learned something about tadpoles. They play dead, which is quite smart.
We got 8 chicks on tuesday. They were 2 days old when we got them and so cute. They should begin laying eggs this fall. we got 3 different kinds this year.
(thank you for not pooping on my keyboard, chick).
really trying to keep the balance of teaching the boys to respect the animals but also allowing them to touch and play with them. If they are given just little blocks of time to handle them, then it doesn't give them much time to get creative and abusive. I knew when they were pretending the chicken feet were swords and running after each other with the poor little chicks feet in the air, that they had a bit too much time to play with them. live and learn.

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