Sunday, November 11, 2012

long days...short years

There's always lots going on around here, which sometimes can make a day seem long!  We've had some unique highs and lows this week. 

First we had a wonderful visit from our good friend krista!  it was a longer stay then normal which was so good.  I treasure the late night chats we had, and the memories made.  The boys can't get enough of her. 

I was so happy the boys spent lots of time outside Saturday, but whenever they spend an extended amount of time anywhere, messes are made.  And this one was a doozy.  But more memories i suppose :)

It's hard when the baby doesn't nap anymore!  He does have a "quiet" time, which at least gives me somewhat of a breather.  Clay has quite a bit of energy.  But when he's tired, he's tired!  No naps mean i think i'll fall asleep in my spaghetti tonight. 

Rod is having serious back issues right now, and we're waiting for some input from the doctors.  He had an MRI Friday and we hope to know a whole lot more tomorrow.  Rod is one tough man, i cannot imagine what he went through this week.  We are trusting God for wisdom with the next step. 

Even though life around here is busy and unpredictable, i still at the end of the day sense peace in this house.  Only God could grace us with that.  Rod noticed yesterday that 7 different people were here at our house for one reason or another throughout the day.  We always want this to be a place where people want to come to, feel welcomed, and where they too can feel God's peace, even in the craziness.

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