Tuesday, November 13, 2012

smells good in here...

I don't ever recall my calamondin orange tree blooming in the house!  it usually blooms during the summer when it's outside.  it smells heavenly in here.  which is a nice change from the dirty diaper smell that usually takes over the downstairs. 

My tree was so small when i first bought it many years ago.  As you can see i still haven't worked up the nerve to hack it back. (I'm having the same reservations with Clay's hair!)

While we're talking about plants and flowers, my mother's day gift this year from my wonderful husband and sons was a gerber daisy.  that was over 6 months ago and it's still alive and hanging on for dear life!  i planted it out back and watered it almost every day.   i love these flowers, and the color is gorgeous. 

This thing outlived all of the other flowers i've planted this year.   Happy Mother's day to me :) 

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