Thursday, November 15, 2012

Turkey birthday

Adam's 7th birthday is on Thanksgiving Day this year.  7 seems like such a grown up age!  I was thinking back on Adam as a baby, before the craziness of twins came along.  He was downright fun.  I loved playing with him.  He was interactive, smart, funny, happy.  And yet he didn't get into stuff, and wasn't a climber.  He slept lots, and rarely cried.  He was so easy!  And cute as all get out......

Almost 7 years later he's still fun.  He certainly has a mind of his own.  He's determined, creative, strong, athletic, and full of ideas.  He's so gifted.  He's grown quite a bit lately socially, academically, and vertically!   Now he's my handsome, toothless big boy!

(Lord, whenever you want to make that new tooth come in, we'd be ready!  His next door neighbor is about to come out :) 

Tonight i laid in bed with Adam.  He hasn't been feeling well and he asked me to lay with him.  He was so sweet, he said he likes to hug me, and asked if i needed more covers.  Now it wouldn't be a big deal if Ben would say those things, that's normal conversation for him.  But for Adam it's not typical to say the least!  He showed a compassionate side tonight, and i liked it!  Prayers are being answered and he's growing in lots of areas.  Now to direct all that energy into positive activity.  That process is ongoing :) 

Love my biggest little boy! (it was windy!)
(i have till next thursday to make a shark cake...wish me luck!)

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