Sunday, February 10, 2013

coming around

we are on the mend here after a week of strep throat (me) and very bad ear infections from 2 of the boys.  and coughing for everyone.  and fevers for half.  it's weird how when you're in the midst of that, there is a point where you really begin to wonder if we will all ever get better.  as if God forgets us in the storm.  That's something i want to improve on; truly believing God is faithful during the hard times.  Not after the fact.  It's easy to believe then. 
This week starts with undoing some things Clay did while i was down.  He expressed some creativity in the laundry room the other day.  We will find out if our beloved Magic Erasers take off Sharpie from walls. 
I'm sure he did this to get attention.  But joke is on him.  I didn't even notice it till long after he forgot he even did it. 

Today we were able to take a nice hour walk through the railroad bed trail.  Felt so good to be outside.  The boys enjoyed looking for old animal skulls and carcasses of dead animals :)

  On a yummier note, I shared with our girls group at church how to make fruit bouquets.  They did a great job and it was so fun putting together something so pretty and cheery.  I love these.

To close our week's summary, i have to share what Ben wrote down yesterday:  Mom + Dad = Clay.  haha isn't that cute?  We've been going over adding a lot lately, so i guess this is taking math facts to another level :)

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Anonymous said...

boys, mommy did a wonderful job on those nice warm scarves, I like your picture. tractor gma