Monday, February 25, 2013

We needed today...

....ok, I NEEDED TODAY!  A day outside!  It was only 45 degrees, but the wind was less then the usual 30 miles per hour (ha) and the sun came out...and stayed out!  So it really felt like tanning weather :) 

This winter seems to be dragging, i despise being indoors for hours and days on end.  But i'd rather not be outside in freezing temps with the previously mentioned 30 mile per hour wind.  So praise God for a day like today.  I think this will hold me over now and I can stop begging Rod to let me go to Florida for a few days.

We spent lots of time down by the creek, picking up sticks and trimming the pussy willow bush...and potty training Clay. 

Ben and Brad weren't much help trimming the pussy willow bush but they sure did enjoy sticking them up their nose! 
Soon as Adam got home we got a fire going to surprise daddy, and hung out till dark.  These boys love playing around with fire.  Not sure i should be proud of that!
Rod put the snowmobile away tonight, so now we can officially move past the snow and get on with spring. 

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