Saturday, February 16, 2013


my valentines day started at 6:30, due to some little boy excitment over valentines day.  they get more excited over v-day then christmas i'm pretty sure.  it's all the little valentine cards they exchange at school that gets them, i think.  we made ours on tuesday.  all 60 of 'em.  i didn't get much else done that day. 

the twins did these cute little fish bowls.  the ones for school friends said "Glad were in the same school".  family ones said "i saw you and i was hooked".  i thought they were cute, those are swedish fish swimming at the bottom.

adam's class was allowed no food items of any kind, so we went with super balls instead...
Clay, Grandma, Brad, and I did some cookies to give away .   Seems like we are eating most of them...I felt like Clay had lots of hands that day.
And we enjoyed a family dinner of heart-shaped, pepperoni, and carrots.  and a pink punch to go with. 
We also enjoyed looking up love scriptures, that describe God's love for us.  We make the holiday God-centered since God is Love.  Even though the holiday is way over commercialized, it's one our family likes and what's not to love about making special memories and traditions!

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