Saturday, February 23, 2013

The domestic side

Usually you'll see the boys doing boy things;  trucks, legos, making mud, throwing ball, making toy guns, tackling each other, etc.  But they can also expand their horizons by exploring other things.  Like giving me a hand in the kitchen.  They take turns being 'kitchen helper' and seem to like when it's their name they see on the board for kitchen helper.   The twins have also recently finished up their 6 week class of sewing lessons.  Of course everything they sewed was camo, but they showed an interest in learning something new.  Ben was proud to show me a picture he took of grandma's sewing machine and telling me what each part of the machine was for.  They like knowing that there is something they can do that mommy can't.
So here's some pictures (and video) of them doing some not-so-typical boy things....

Brad sewing something camo:


Cute video of Clay mixing up the pancake batter for Saturday morning breakfast:

The goal is for their future wives to be so grateful to us for raising such well rounded boys :) What should we teach them next?  :)

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