Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Last Saturday was my birthday. My mom had all 3 boys for over 24 hours! I said she should win some kind of an award for that! It was so nice to be here in my home, without interruptions or having to be quiet for fear of waking up the kids. I got so much accomplished around the house. Plus Rod and I could watch the Phillies, hit an indoor yardsale, and go to Red Lobster for supper. And to top it off, i was so exhausted that i slept from 10pm - 9:00am Friday night-Sat! wow, that felt good :) It was a very restful time, a special birthday.
A friend from church asked if i got a video of the kids singing happy birthday. Well, this is what i got! Adam was at Awana. So here's the twins version of Happy Birthday. Brad baled pretty early (like, right away), Ben stayed until the "end". I love their little voices....


agingrich said...

I'm so sorry I missed your birthday! We were walking down the street in New York on Saturday when I realized I forgot to send the card. Each year I'm sure I'm going to do better about birthdays...hasn't happened yet :(

Brandy said...

Happy belated Birthday!