Saturday, October 3, 2009

Corn table

This thing has been such a blessing! We're borrowing this corn table from my aunt and uncle's church. They are letting us use it for the get togethers we're having here. So we'll have it for a few weeks. The boys love it, and since it's big they can all play around it without fighting! They do have trouble keeping it in on the table though.
If any of you want to bring your kids over the next few weeks to play in it, just let me know! it's in the barn, so you can still come if the weather isn't great...
brad sticks his tounge out when he's concentrating..


Brandy said...

That looks like fun!

dbushong said...

We have a stone box in our basement that Kyle used in much the same way. We are getting ready to get rid of it, if you are interested!!!